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Welcome! I hope you find my ramblings and resources helpful in some way. I love creating learning activities that help all my students to succeed while having fun. When I’m not busy being “teacherly,” I like to spend time with family and friends, try new recipes, find deals on fashion, ride my bicycle along the beach, and adventure around my city. 

A little about my teaching background: When I was a little girl I wanted to be a writer, hairdresser, or teacher. I can say all of my dreams came true except that dying and cutting a few friends' hair doesn't make me a legit hairdresser because I never went to cosmetology school. They were just crazy enough to let me experiment on them. Lol.  Thanks to TpT, I'm now able to say that I'm an author of curriculum for other teachers.  

I've been teaching elementary school since 2000, primarily in third grade, but I have also taught second and fourth. I have a BA in child development, and psychology and almost pursued becoming a school counselor, but I couldn't shake the teaching bug. All of my jobs through school were only working with children in some capacity. After finishing my teaching credential, I took a break from school to focus full-time on teaching and take on mentoring new teachers. Only recently I went back to get my TESOL certification, and then complete my Master's in K-12 Literacy. It's something I always wanted to do and I love learning!

I've also been a part of Whole Brain Teaching for over a decade and believe it is the best classroom management system out there. I enjoy being able to mentor new teachers in classroom behavior management and motivational techniques to excite and engage their learners. I love seeing the growth my English Language Learners make and how proud their families are of them by the end of the school year. Finally, I love playing with technology and sharing it with my students, as well as using it to create cool stuff that benefits my own classroom and other teachers.

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Some Pictures from My Classroom!

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